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Our mission
We believe in a world where the internet is not just a privilege but a right for everyone. Our community-driven network utilizes crowdsourcing to eliminate access barriers, ensuring everyone can connect and contribute to a shared digital ecosystem.
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Community-Driven Network
Our network thrives on community power, blending diverse skills and perspectives into a robust, inclusive digital ecosystem.
Shared economy

Our network thrives on shared resources. From individuals sharing their unused bandwidth to communities pooling together to expand network coverage, every act of sharing strengthens and expands our reach.

Crowd-sourcing + AI

Our approach to building a decentralized internet goes beyond traditional methods. By integrating crowdsourcing with advanced AI algorithms, we've created a network that's not only expansive but also reliable and trustworthy.

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Earn $WIFI by helping to grow the ecosystem. Add hotspots, verify networks and test internet speeds
Redeem your $WIFI for premium services inside the app
Receive 15% cashback in $WIFI when redeeming for eSIM mobile data

Send $WIFI to thank the people who added your favourite hotspots
Head to top-tier exchanges including OKX, Huobi and Gate.io to buy, sell, trade and stake $WIFI
Unlocking Potential with $WIFI Token
Within our network, $WIFI facilitates a range of activities. It's used to reward users for their contributions, pay for network services, and participate in governance decisions. It's a versatile tool that enhances user experience and network functionality.
Essential Travel Amenities
L2 Transformation: Empowering Web3 with Real-World Data

eSIM coverage expansion
We are broadening our eSIM services, enhancing global internet connectivity and offering users more extensive coverage for seamless online access wherever they go.
Wi-Fi & MVNO Partnerships
We're enriching the platform with a wide array of connectivity options. This includes adding verified free and premium Wi-Fi hotspots to the map, ensuring users have access to reliable and secure internet, and facilitating easy logins at these locations.
Developing Essential Travel Amenities (ETAs)
We're focused on enhancing the travel experience by developing a comprehensive layer of ETAs on our map. This feature will provide users with critical and useful information about amenities at various destinations, making travel more convenient and enjoyable.
DAO formation
We're enabling members to actively participate in the decision-making process, directly influencing the development trajectory of the project, fostering a democratic and user-centered approach.
Essential Travel Amenities (ETAs)
Implementing a vital amenities layer on our map, providing users with comprehensive travel information.
$WIFI Utility Enchancement
Expanding $WIFI utility allowing its redemption for Premuim Membership, including VPN access and offline maps. This enhancement means users can now utilize $WIFI tokens for a broader range of valuable services, providing more options for token holders.
L2 research
Our research is focused on leveraging advanced decentralized technologies to create a sophisticated infrastructure using Layer 2 solutions. This infrastructure is designed to enhance data management and utilization on the blockchain, offering new avenues for precise interactions and targeted opportunities for developers and advertisers.
Dapp Layer Development on L2
By establishing a foundational Dapp layer on L2, we're creating an environment where developers can access and utilize blockchain data more efficiently. This initiative aims to attract innovative applications, such as geo location verification, map ETAs, speed test and connectivity data, by offering the benefits of L2’s scalability and reduced gas fees, enabling a broader range of blockchain utility and applications.
Non-custodial wallets integration
We're streamlining crypto transactions, logins and insinteractions within the app, while also offering users the option to link their geo-location with their Web3 wallets, enhancing personalized and location-based experiences.

Venues Accepting Crypto
Harnessing the power of crowdsourcing to identify and mark on the map venues accepting cryptocurrency, enriching the map with real-time, user-verified crypto-friendly locations.

Crypto Exchanges and ATMs
Integrating locations of crypto exchanges and ATMs for user convenience and accessibility.

ETAs User Reviews and Photos
Introducing a feature for users to add text and photo reviews on venues they visited, with plans to store these millions of user insights on-chain, enriching our platform with authentic, visual traveler experiences.
$WIFI Tournaments
Hosting interactive $WIFI airdrop tournaments to incentivize community contribution and boost engagement.
Geo-Data on Blockchain
By bringing wallet location data onto the blockchain, we're opening a realm of possibilities for both Dapp developers and marketers. This synergy of technology and marketing paves the way for highly personalized user experiences and smarter advertising strategies within the blockchain ecosystem.
$WIFI rewards for geo-data
We're introducing a system where users can earn $WIFI by sharing their location data. This approach not only incentivizes user participation but also provides valuable, targeted data for advertisers and developers, creating a win-win scenario in our ecosystem.
Innovation Hub
Our focus extends to nurturing new talent and ideas by establishing an incubation hub and organizing hackathons. These platforms will serve as breeding grounds for innovative concepts and applications, further enriching our platform's offerings and community engagement.
Polygon CDK Partnership
Leveraging Polygon's Complete Development Kit to enhance Layer 2 scalability and interoperability for improved blockchain functionality.
Decentralized Storage Collaboration
Partnering with leading decentralized storage providers to secure and optimize data management, ensuring user data is robustly protected and efficiently accessed.
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