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Join millions of people making the internet accessible to everybody, everywhere.
WiFi Map is building a connectivity superapp in Web3
Our WiFi finder was created with the help of our 160 million-strong community, and offers hotspots in 200+ countries.

The WiFi Map app offers eSIM mobile data and VPN protection.

Secure VPN

Protect yourself with a virtual private network to ensure that your data stays safe at all times while browsing the internet

Global eSIM

Take advantage of the latest in cellular technology with our eSIM mobile data offer. Get connected in 70+ countries

Offline Maps

Take our database of millions of free WiFi hotspots with you wherever you go, so you can always find a way to get online

WiFi Finder

Connect to millions of public WiFi hotspots and enjoy a rapid internet connection free of charge in over 200 countries

Our partners:
Our partners:
$WIFI token utility
Connect to earn
Earn $WIFI by helping to grow the ecosystem. Add hotspots, verify networks and test internet speeds
Redeem your $WIFI for premium services inside the app
Get your cash back
Receive 15% cashback in $WIFI when redeeming for eSIM mobile data

Send $WIFI to thank the people who added your favourite hotspots
Head to top-tier exchanges including OKX, Huobi and Gate.io to buy, sell, trade and stake $WIFI
$WIFI token allocation

Buy $WIFI on:

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Denis Sklyarov

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Igor Goldenberg

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Lyubov Skripeleva

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Alex Aleinikau

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Simon Keusen

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Gary Bogatin

WiFi Map team
Alex Aleinikau
Creative Director
The WiFi Map co-founders are technology entrepreneurs and pioneers of the Web 2.0 technology era. For eight years, WiFi Map has functioned as a self-funded startup, led by 30+ passionate teammates spread around the globe.

Lyubov Skripeleva

Gary Bogatin
Denis Sklyarov

Co-Founder & CEO
Igor Goldenberg
Co-Founder & CTO
WiFi Map custody wallet
Redeem $WIFI for products
Fiat on-ramp
$WIFI tipping
$WIFI rewards
Integration of Apple places
Google street view integration
$WIFI partial payments
Referral program
Airdrop rewards
Offline map upgrades (2.0)
Premium membership
POIs: public restrooms
Airdrop competitions
New eSIM plans
Low cost internet
Verified premium hotspot
Business stake initiatives
eSIM expansion + 100 countries
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